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Wahlberg Financial Services is an independent financial services firm offering personalized and comprehensive financial planning, portfolio management services, and insurance.

As a fee-based, independent financial advisor firm serving the Philadelphia metro area, Wahlberg Financial Services is able to make truly objective, unbiased recommendations for our clients. Unencumbered by company products, commissions, or sales quotas, our interests align with those of our clients. This freedom allows us to build relationships with our clients based on the joint pursuit of their individual goals.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

There’s more to financial planning than just investing. To have strong financial footing, and to work toward your goals as effectively as possible, your planning must be holistic.

At Wahlberg Financial Services, we will create a Comprehensive Financial Plan that will address all aspects of your financial picture.

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CFP Professional: Your Financial Fiduciary

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional , Katherine Rubin has met the educational, examination, experience, and ethical requirements established and enforced by the CFP Board. Further, Wahlberg Financial Services embraces the CFP Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct.

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Retirement Planning

The way we envision retirement and the way we will finance retirement are both changing. No longer is it a given that someone will stop working at 65 and live off of a pension and their social security. In fact, some people never want to retire. Whatever your plans for the future, it is important to take steps toward financial freedom so working can be your choice and not a necessity.

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Women’s Unique Planning Needs

Whether you are single, married, widowed, or divorced, you will face unique challenges during your life time that will require specific financial planning. Our founder, Katherine Rubin, shares some of her thoughts on these needs and on being a female financial advisor.

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Socially Responsible Investing

Are there companies or industries you wish to avoid in your investment portfolio? Are you interested in supporting companies engaged in clean technology or alternative energy? Are there certain parts of the world you want to avoid for social or political reasons? If so, you are among the growing number of socially conscious investors.

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7 Reasons to Start Planning Early

Many people think that financial planning is only for someone who is about to retire. The truth, though, is that the younger you develop a financial strategy for your future, the easier achieving your goals can be. Here are 7 benefits to forming a relationship with a financial advisor toward the beginning of your working years vs. toward the end.

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