Investment Portfolio Management

Philadelphia investment planning and portfolio management

Wahlberg Financial Services is a fee-based, independent investment management firm. We do not take commissions from investments you purchase, nor do we benefit from selling specific investment products. Rather, our compensation is a percentage of the assets you have asked us to manage for you. As a result, we are able to make truly objective, unbiased recommendations for our clients.

We do not have a minimum asset requirement for new clients, so whether you are just starting to build your investment accounts or would like help refining an existing portfolio, we can help.

At Wahlberg Financial Services, we believe that successful Portfolio Management must balance risk against performance. Accordingly, as we craft your personal investment strategy, we will discuss with you your feelings about the tradeoff between growth and security, and we will continue to weigh opportunity against risk over time as we monitor your portfolio, adjusting your investment as necessary.

We have partnered with Riskalyze to help clients determine their individual risk tolerance number and keep their portfolio in alignment with their risk-to-return expectations. If you would like to know your own risk number, use the button below to begin a Riskalyze assessment.

In our experience, an investment does not need to be complicated to be a smart choice. More often than not, you can achieve your goals with something that is simple to understand and straight forward to execute. This simplicity allows you to be comfortable with the way your money is being invested, which makes it more likely that you will stick with your long-term strategy and achieve your financial goals.

Investment Planning and Portfolio Management Services

At Wahlberg Financial Service, we tailor each portfolio to that client’s specific needs and preferences. After discussions to determine your time frame, attitude towards volatility, approach to investing, and any specific constraints, such as a socially responsible investments or sectors to over-weight or avoid, we will propose an allocation and specific investments that are appropriate for your needs, requests, and time frame.

We then place all necessary trades, handle periodic rebalancing, and monitor the portfolio for you, bringing to your attention and then handling any potential problems that arise or any changes that should be made.
We use tools from Morningstar, Inc. to determine appropriate asset allocations and to provide investment research both during the initial portfolio recommendation stage and over time as we track your portfolio progress.

Investment Vehicles

We believe proper diversification in an account is critical. We also believe that our time is best spent making sure your portfolio stays in line with your targets. Accordingly, we outsource the selection of individual stocks and bonds by recommending mutual funds within client accounts. For clients who are so inclined and have enough liquid assets to warrant it, we recommend seperately managed accounts.

For clients who like the diversification that mutual funds offer, but prefer a passive approach to investing, we utilize index funds, Exchange Traded Funds, and Unit Investment Trusts.

Wahlberg Financial Services uses Trade PMR, member SIPC, for its brokerage services and First Clearing, LLC, an affiliate of Wells Fargo, for trade clearing and as custodian of our clients’ accounts. First Clearing offers additional insurance for client accounts through London Underwriters. Click here for more information on client account protection.


We charge an annual 1% of assets under our management. This fee is divided into monthly deductions from your accounts in our care.

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