Money as I See It

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I must confess that this is not my first blog.  In my early years as a financial advisor, I decided I would make a more concerted effort to cook dinner for myself and my now-husband, Ian.  Cooking is something that I had loved to do; however, two years long hours in the office had reduced us to almost nightly-take out.  I called my blog “Cooking Rehab” and viewed it more as a way to stay accountable to myself and my goal.

Now I find myself blogging again, and this time with a higher purpose – to help build awareness around the importance of financial planning and educate people on elements of personal finance.

As a reader of the posts on this page, you should be aware of a few things:

  1.  I do not profess to have all the answers; in fact, sometimes all I will have is questions.  This comes from my belief that there is rarely a “right” answer to a question, a “best” investment, etc….   This page will merely discuss money as I see it.
  2. My ideas tend to be simple.  You will not find me discussing exotic investments or obscure tax rules.  That’s because those things pertain to a small fraction of the population, and I don’t want to waste your time.
  3. Some of my posts will be very loosely related to financial planning.  That’s because I think it is just as much my job to help you enjoy your life and your money, and not just become “rich.”  There will be nothing as far afield as silly pictures of puppies kissing dolphins, but there almost certainly will be articles on travel destinations that give you the best value for your dollar.  For example: the Euro/Dollar exchange rate is currently moving in our favor.  Planning a vacation?  Consider going to Europe.
  4. I promise I will not trick you into following this blog by using inflammatory statements or intentionally-misleading information meant to only to scare you into using my planning services.  This blog is meant to be for your information and education only…ok, and a little bit for my enjoyment as well.

Thank you for visiting, come again, and bon appétit.  Oh, wait, wrong blog.