Our Partners

EMoney:  Financial Planning and Analysis, Client Account Aggregation, Document Vault, and Client Education Tools

Wahlberg Financial Services has selected eMoney advisor as our financial planning tool.

As a client of Wahlberg Financial Services, through eMoney, you have access to:

  1. An online aggregation tool that allows you to view all of your accounts, both those under our management and those at other institutions, as well as your credit cards, loans, and insurance policies, in one location, updated in real-time, allowing you to see your complete financial picture at once.
  2. A virtual vault for digital storage of your important documents and securing sharing of documents between you and your advisor.
  3. A cash flow monitor to help you track your spending habits.
  4. Interactive investment reports and charts of your accounts.
  5. Workshops, videos, articles, and other educational resources.

Trade PMR and First Clearing: Brokerage, Custodial, and Trade Clearing Services

Wahlberg Financial Services has selected Trade PMR for our brokerage services and First Clearing, LLC, and affiliate of Wells Fargo, for client account custody and trade clearing services.

Through Trade PMR, Wahlberg Financial Services clients get robust online account services and 24/7 support through Access Online:

  1. Real-time account information, quotes, charts, company profiles, ratings, research reports, and industry comparisons.
  2. Download Portfolio Tracker for 15-minute delayed streaming quotes, news, and chart to your desktop.
  3. Receive market alerts to your desktop, even when you are not logged into Access Online, or to any device with email capability.
  4. Paperless option for statements, trade confirmations, tax documents/1099s, and shareholder communications.
  5. Account information can be downloaded into Quicken or Microsoft Excel.

First Clearing, LLC offers our clients traditional brokerage accounts, as well as full suite of banking services, including check writing, ACH transfers, wire transfers, automatic deposits and withdrawals, and ATM access.

As a Wells Fargo affiliate, First Clearing, LLC offers our clients complete trust services through Wells Fargo & Company and The Advisory Trust Company of Delaware.

American Funds College America and iShares by BlackRock: 529 Savings Plans

Wahlberg Financial Services is able to help clients manage 529 college savings plans with either American Funds or iShares.

American Funds

Founded in 1931, American Funds is one of the oldest and most successful investment companies in the country.  As of December 31, 2014, their equity funds have beaten their Lipper peer indexes in 91% of 10-year periods and 96% of 20-year periods, and their fixed-income funds have beaten their Lipper indexes in 54% of 10-year periods and 57% of 20-year periods.  Based on the 20-year period ending December 31, 2014, American Funds’ management fees were in the lowest quintile 70% of the time versus comparable Lipper categories, excluding funds of funds.  American Funds emphasizes long-term growth over short-term results: their portfolio managers average 22 years with American Funds, compensation for managers and analysts emphasizes 4 year and 8 year returns, and employees invest heavily in their funds.

For more information about American Funds and the CollegeAmerica 529 plan, please visit their website.


BlackRock’s iShares is one of the industry’s leading ETF providers with over ten years of ETF experience and more than 700 available Exchange Traded Funds in almost every asset class.  The iShares 529 plan gives you the flexibility to choose your own portfolio or simply select an allocation based on your year of enrollment.  iShares offers clients a low-cost, index-fund-based option for their college savings.

For more information about the iShares 529 plan, please visit their website.