Retirement Planning

Get started on the road to retirement by meeting with us and creating a comprehensive retirement plan.
Your road to a successful retirement starts with meeting with a financial advisor who you trust.

The way we envision retirement is changing. While some people look forward to the day they can stop working to pursue other interests, other people can’t imagine a day when they won’t go to work and don’t plan on “retiring” at all.

The way we will finance retirement is also changing. It is rare that someone retiring today will have a large enough pension or high enough Social Security to cover their income needs. Accumulated retirement savings is becoming more and more important, and it’s critical to find a mixture of assets and income that will afford you the lifestyle you desire.

Retirement Planning Help is Here

At Wahlberg Financial Services, we can help you work toward your moment of financial freedom – when working becomes a choice and not a necessity.

  • We will start by helping you establish exactly what your future lifestyle will cost, paying close attention to taxes, health care costs, increased spending on things like hobbies and travel, and any assistance you plan to provide to your parents, children, or grandchildren.
  • Then we will determine how much of these expenses will be covered by your various income sources – Social Security, pension, rental income, business income, etc….
  • From there, we ascertain how well your assets are positioned to both supplement your retirement income and cover any lump-sum needs, like a retirement home, a long-desired car, a dream trip, or legacy wishes.
  • Finally, we help you understand your options for achieving financial freedom, including giving you the answers to questions such as:
    • How much longer do you need to work in order to have the retirement of your dreams?
    • How much can you plan to spend in retirement without changing your target retirement date or current savings level?
    • Should you increase your current retirement savings and by how much?
    • Can you reduce your current working hours and, if so, how much do you need to earn moving forward?
    • How should you position and allocate your assets to maximize their longevity?

We’ll Help Create A Retirement Plan That Adapts As You Age

Once you make the decision to scale back or stop working, we will help you make the transition from working to “retired”. This includes helping you formulate a plan for converting retirement savings into retirement income, decide when to claim social security, choose a pension option, time withdrawals from 401(k)s, IRAs, and other retirement accounts to minimize taxes, and many other things.

Each year we work together, we will track your expenses, your incomes, and your asset usage to assess your position and anticipated asset longevity, giving you options to fix any potential shortfalls and providing over-all confidence in your financial situation.

Helping Dozens of Clients in Philadelphia Plan A Secure Retirement

An advisor can help you determine what you want your retirement to be and how to make that vision a reality. We’ve helped dozens of clients in the Philadelphia area and would be honored to help you create and implement a retirement plan that stretches your assets throughout your golden years.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary retirement planning consultation.