Socially Responsible Investing

Socially Responsible Investing | Align Investments With Your Values
Socially responsible investing involves choosing only to invest in companies and sectors that align with the values you hold dearly. We can help you avoid investing in sectors that you don’t want to support.

Are there companies or industries you wish to avoid in your investment portfolio? Are you interested in supporting companies engaged in clean technology or alternative energy? Are you concerned with the treatment of workers at the companies in which you invest?

If so, you are among the growing number of socially conscious investors. Wahlberg Financial Services can help you choose investments that represent you and the vision you have for our world.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), also called ethical, value-based, sustainable, “green,” or socially conscious investing, means different things to different investors. For one person, it may mean staying away from companies that harm the environment. For others, it could mean avoiding  companies involved in tobacco, alcohol, or gambling. Others still want to put their money to work investing in companies that will have a positive social impact (Impact Investing).

These various concerns are often referred to as ESG issues – Environmental, Social justice, and corporate Governance.

An environmental focus to your investing could include avoiding companies that harm the environment, supporting companies with practices that promote environmental stewardship, or investing in alternative energy or other “green” industries.

Social justice issues are broad and can include consumer protection, the human rights, and diversity. It also includes one of the most common investment screens – that of companies dealing with alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons, nuclear power, fossil fuels, and/or the military.

The topic of corporate governance is receiving increasing attention as more investors want to support companies with a balanced management structure, good employee relations, and fair executive compensation.

There are also a variety of ways you can put your money to work toward your beliefs:

Negative screening is used to keep certain companies or industries out of your portfolio.

Shareholder Activism and Engagement seek to positively influence corporate behavior through shareholder voting, etc… within existing investments.

Positive Investing refers to the active selection of companies that meet your SRI requirements. A more active approach than negative screens, this is the new frontier of Socially Responsible Investing.

Let Us Help You With Socially Responsible Investing

At Wahlberg Financial Services, we take your convictions seriously and strive to treat both you and your money with the respect and individual attention you deserve.

Clients with an interest in Socially Responsible Investing receive the same level of service and attention as other investment portfolio management clients, with the added layer of SRI screens. We will take the time to help you define your individual investment policy, including which SRI approach you want to use, what allocation is most appropriate for your risk tolerance and time horizon, and which investment vehicles match your needs. We will review your portfolio on a regular basis to assess the investments for adherence to their stated SRI mission, performance relative to their peers, and continued suitability for your portfolio.

We have helped dozens of clients in the Philadelphia area, but are happy to speak with you no matter where you live.

Contact us today to learn more about how we help people invest for both themselves and the greater good.